Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Exhaustion in the Best Way [Otakon 2011]

I had so much fun this year at Otakon. The convention seems to get just a bit more enjoyable every year, and I'm sure it's due to me getting to know more and more people at the con. I met up with about half of my high school anime fans, some of my college friends surprised me with their appearance, and I spent this year at a hotel thanks to Neo and his family.

As usual, time to tally up the viewings and goods! If there's a star next to it, expect a full review of it soon on the site.

Media Watched:
  • Kanon (UGUUUUU~!)
  • K-ON! (Yes, I've avoided this one. I'll remedy that soon, practically no choice now.)
  • Hoshi o Ou Kodomo* (Absolutely beautiful animation, interesting storyline as well.)
  • The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya* (Can't believe I watched this before Neo did. :D)
  • Bible Black (Yes, I know. I'm terrible. But it was dubbed. DUBBED, I TELL YOU!! Only Fan Parodies made me laugh harder this con.)
New Games Played:
  • KOF XIII (I SUCK at this game. Ugh. That being said, looks gloriously, plays gloriously)
  • Drummania 8 (Again, suck. Still fun, though.)
  • Sin & Punishment (WHY did this game not come out in the States until so recently?)
  • Sonic the Fighters (Bad fighting engine, but a good guilty pleasure)
Swag: As some of you may know, I'm a Redditor. So, in an effort to get up a swag thread ASAP, I made this thread all on my phone. Feel free to post your swag listings in the comments or at the Reddit thread!

  • The CD is Sophisticated Insanity, signed by Hiro Yura*
  • 2 LoZ mangas based on Link to the Past and The Minish Cap (guilty pleasures.)
  • Gundam is a 1/144 00 Raiser (I still haven't built up my God Gundam from last year...)
  • Scrolls are FMA Brotherhood and GitS: SAC.
  • And lastly, a TF2 Heavy T-Shirt from Glitch. (SO MUCH BLOOD)
About $120. Kinda bummed I didn't get as much free swag as last year (bad timing), but was a very good, if crowded, con this year. Free swag was a Last Exile poster, Paper S. Sayian Hair, and JList paper eye-glasses.

I did miss out on several showings due to them filling up, as well as several free swag moments since I failed to make it to the industry panels. Neo has a much better swag list to post when he gets the chance.

I'm still kinda recovering from Otakon, and the realization that I go back to school very soon. I won't leave anyone hanging, however. Pictures and clips will be up soon!