Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zero's Rants: An Aside on Politics

It's so weird that we can't trust those we appoint to represent us so often. All I seem to hear is how senator So-and-So and House Representative What's-His-Name aren't making the right choices for us as a nation. This organization says it does A but is doing B instead. How Republicans aren't doing it right, how Democrats aren't doing it right, how we need to get these people out of office, etc. It's not just big media saying it, either; jump onto /r/politics on reddit or the comments sections of Fox News posts and you hear the same things.

Is it that the representative system is that messed up, for whatever reason being?

Is it because we're just not content, whether we want more change or want things to stay the same?

Or do we just love stressing ourselves out over these matter, important they may be?

Whatever the case, I wish I could stop worrying about such things. But I can't, since I'll see posts on reddit that get my dander riled (even though I took /r/poltics off of the frontpage), or twitter posts or trends linking to some political news articles, or someone on Facebook posts some politics, or *gasp* my RSS feeds drop a political incident in my lap (even though I don't follow news feeds, much less political feeds), or I go to YouTube and a subscribed channel drops something, or I *gasp* actually go on Google News or I turn on the TV and there's some news on. Running sentence aside, I can't stop looking at this stuff. Don't say "Just stop using *blah*" or "don't watch *blah*", because then I'm cutting out a source of info or a service that I otherwise love to watch and/or use. I can't stop voting, because that's stupid; that's just letting everyone decide the future, with me having no say at all. No way am I going into politics, I'm too indecisive as it is. Besides, odds are at some point that I'd become one of those people or a part of an organization that "isn't doing it right."

So, all I can do is read, voice an opinion now and again and get practically yelled at by 0.001% of the internet, and move on whilst my conscious stresses over how screwed up the present is and how screwed up the future could be because of this legislation or that mandate or these taxes.

TL;DR: Guy whining on internet.

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