Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muddy Liveblog: Sony E3 Conference.

Watching E3 on G4. Figure I'd post something here as I experience it with those that are also watching.

3:03 They're boosting 3D. 20 titles by March 2011.

3:06 Killzone 3 in 3D. People are putting on their glasses, and it's a live demo.

3:12 Missing part of the experience w/o 3D. Meh on both the demo and the player; got whipped around a bit.

3:14 Sly Cooper HD collection! Yeah! And it's in 3D.

3:15 Regular content in 3D as well, it looks like. OK.

3:17 Dammit, why was Sly Cooper all slow-mo? Early demo, I suppose.

3:18 Sounds like they aren't killing the PS2 just yet.

3:20 Here comes Playstation Move. Forgot that you need the Playstation Eye to use the Move.

3:26 New game called Sorcery. Works w/ Playstation Move. Guarantee most of this came from early demos of EyeToy and Eye.

3:30 Fire Tornado! I can dig it.

3:32 Good tech demo; mixing elements rocks. Next up is Sports. Making a sandwich.

3:38 Golf bit's done.

3:39 Whoa. Wait, what? "Heroes on the Move," staring PS3 star characters. Uses the Move as well, from the looks of it.

3:41 Kevin Butler just hit the stage. Yes!

3:46 Wow, Butler just stole the show.

3:47 PS Move available September 19th, $49.99. Aw, the side controller is $29.99. Bundle at $99.99 has a PS Eye, a Move controller (not the side controller), and a tech demo game.

3:51 Just saw Time Crisis on the Move showoff video. Yes!

3:52 They're jumping to the PSP.

3:54 They brought that obnoxious kid from That's So Raven onto the PSP ad campaign. Not bueno.

3:56 Showing off God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP. CG Teaser, not much to see.

3:57 They just dropped a bunch of PSP game titles...but they sped through them. Here comes the showoff video for them. MGS: Peace Walker, ModNation Racers, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Gravity Crush Portable, DBZ: Tenkaichi Tag Team, Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip, Madden 11, inviZimals, Patapon 3 (!!), Fat Princess, Tetris, EyePet, Piyotama, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, The 3rd Birthday (!!), Persona 3 Portable, Ys, Valkyria Chronicles II.

4:01 Playstation Network is up next. Showing off numbers.

4:03 Now I have a reason to get on Playstation Home. They copied their booth and put it on there. Maybe I'll take a look.

4:04 They acquired MediaMolecule, the company that does LBP and ModNation Racers. Showing off LBP2. LBP's pretty much become a user-friendly game maker.

4:10 I am loving the possibilities of LBP2.

4:11 Playstation Plus. Paid Network subscription. $49.99/year, $17.99/3 months. You get free stuff off the network, and discounts; no guarantees that you'll get access to new Network features like better user communications between games. That should hit regular PSN users as well if they come out, like a firmware update. It sounds like a Membership card for commercial stores like a GameStop card.

4:15 Metal of Honor's being showed off right now.

4:19 MoH's multiplayer looks amazing. The beta drops June 21st (my birthday). Game comes out October 21st, comes with MoH: Frontline on PS3.

4:20 Dead Space 2's on the floor now. The atmosphere is great. I need to run through the original at some point.

4:23 Limited Edition Dead Space 2; comes with the original game w/ Move capabilities. Huh, was just talking about it.

4:25 Wait, what? Valve!? Portal 2!? PS3!?

4:28 ...Oh yes. I like very much. Final Fantasy 14 up next.

4:29 Blarg, more FF XIV CG; slight gameplay bits, from the look of it.

4:30 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has exclusive PS3 content, and Multiplayer. Here's a trailer. I'm liking how it looks; multiplayer looks very interesting. Beta's coming to PS3 soon.

4:33 More showcase video. Socom 4, Mafia II, Madden 11, NBA 2K11, The Fight: Lights Out, NCAA Football 11, EyePet, Start the Party, The Shoot, Echochrome II, MotorStorm: Apocalypce, True Crime, MvC3, PixelJunk Shooters 2, Mortal Combat, Castlevania, Dead Nation, DC Universe, Tron Evolution.

4:37 Gran Turismo 5. I'll believe this game is out when I can put a copy of it in my hand. They're pulling The Test Track from TopGear. I'll admit, it looks beautiful. November 2, 2010. THERE WE GO. Finally, a date.

4:40 Infamous 2. Oh, he has a weapon...and ice powers.

4:43 TWISTED METAL! YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES, YES! 2011. It looks amazing. Objective-based gameplay. Faction systems, huge maps...First day buy.

4:51 Show's over. Huge drops.

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