Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Games to Wait For: Ni no Kuni (The Another World), PS3

So a friend of mine asks me on Facebook,
So as an artist I think Im SUPPOSED to be hype for this game...but I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Explain plox?
I look at it, think about it for a bit, and black out. I wake up, and boom, text.

Have you ever seen a Studio Ghibli movie? Spirited Away? Princess Mononoke? Howl's Moving Castle? Glorious animations, immerse stories, that's one part of an RPG right there. The art style is in some ways the reverse of at least western RPGs that give people and creatures the realistic focus, in that the characters look simplistic and cartoony yet still carry great emotion, just like an animated film. This makes the setting seem all the more realistic in comparison, something Studio Ghibli does in all of their works. All at 60 FPS in 1020p HD quality.

The other, provided by Level 5, is meant to work somewhat like an RPG where gameplay is interactive, much like in Star Ocean or the Tales series (this is based on what I've seen in the videos, the DS version has different mechanics). The company has made games like Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Dragon Quest VIII and up, etc., many of which were extraordinary RPGs.

Also, if the game works anything like the DS one, you'll actually have to rely on a book that will come with the game, in order to advance in the story and use abilities. It's the same book that the main character gets, and you'll struggle unless you actually read.

Considering Level 5's previous works, I think this will be a better combination than Ghibli and Squeenix. Their previous work directions seem to coincide with each other, and the amount of time they've been working on this shows it.

The PS3 version hits Japan in 2011. Too long! Argh!

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