Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Games to Wait For: Ni no Kuni (The Another World), PS3

So a friend of mine asks me on Facebook,
So as an artist I think Im SUPPOSED to be hype for this game...but I fail to see what all the fuss is about. Explain plox?
I look at it, think about it for a bit, and black out. I wake up, and boom, text.

Have you ever seen a Studio Ghibli movie? Spirited Away? Princess Mononoke? Howl's Moving Castle? Glorious animations, immerse stories, that's one part of an RPG right there. The art style is in some ways the reverse of at least western RPGs that give people and creatures the realistic focus, in that the characters look simplistic and cartoony yet still carry great emotion, just like an animated film. This makes the setting seem all the more realistic in comparison, something Studio Ghibli does in all of their works. All at 60 FPS in 1020p HD quality.

The other, provided by Level 5, is meant to work somewhat like an RPG where gameplay is interactive, much like in Star Ocean or the Tales series (this is based on what I've seen in the videos, the DS version has different mechanics). The company has made games like Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Dragon Quest VIII and up, etc., many of which were extraordinary RPGs.

Also, if the game works anything like the DS one, you'll actually have to rely on a book that will come with the game, in order to advance in the story and use abilities. It's the same book that the main character gets, and you'll struggle unless you actually read.

Considering Level 5's previous works, I think this will be a better combination than Ghibli and Squeenix. Their previous work directions seem to coincide with each other, and the amount of time they've been working on this shows it.

The PS3 version hits Japan in 2011. Too long! Argh!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Video of the Week: Catocalypse (AKA Kittygeddon)

LOL wut? Seriously, props to Thecorp303 (creator of this video, and supposedly the map itself) for this. Watch it and prepare some tissue, you may be in tears after this.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hell of a Deal: Steam Summer Sales

It's a sale on Steam. Now that you've read this, go buy stuff! Wanna know some deals? There are plenty more, like The Witcher and the Commandos collection, but here's some advice: wait until the last day to make purchases (July 4), except on deals that are on the Today Only section. Today's deals:
  • Overlord Complete Pack ($4.50)
  • Counter-Strike: Source ($6.80) [Recently updated]
  • Unreal Deal Pack ($13.60)
  • Aion Standard Edition ($19.99)
  • BioShock 2 ($14.99)
  • Trine ($4.00)
  • DiRT 2 ($10.00)
  • Killing Floor ($5.00)
Like any Steam sale, it's likely that games that are discounted now may be further discounted later. You will be pissed when this happens.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Custom Content: Ringtones - JAM Project | SOUL TAKER

The Soul Taker by cric


Love this song. JAM Project just sounds so freakin' bad-ass, and this song follows that trend. It's the opening theme to the aptly titled "SOUL TAKER" (yes, it is in all caps). Rock on. \m/

JAM Project - SOUL TAKER: soultaker.mp3; 454.5KB | Preview and Download from

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zero's Rants: An Aside on Politics

It's so weird that we can't trust those we appoint to represent us so often. All I seem to hear is how senator So-and-So and House Representative What's-His-Name aren't making the right choices for us as a nation. This organization says it does A but is doing B instead. How Republicans aren't doing it right, how Democrats aren't doing it right, how we need to get these people out of office, etc. It's not just big media saying it, either; jump onto /r/politics on reddit or the comments sections of Fox News posts and you hear the same things.

Is it that the representative system is that messed up, for whatever reason being?

Is it because we're just not content, whether we want more change or want things to stay the same?

Or do we just love stressing ourselves out over these matter, important they may be?

Whatever the case, I wish I could stop worrying about such things. But I can't, since I'll see posts on reddit that get my dander riled (even though I took /r/poltics off of the frontpage), or twitter posts or trends linking to some political news articles, or someone on Facebook posts some politics, or *gasp* my RSS feeds drop a political incident in my lap (even though I don't follow news feeds, much less political feeds), or I go to YouTube and a subscribed channel drops something, or I *gasp* actually go on Google News or I turn on the TV and there's some news on. Running sentence aside, I can't stop looking at this stuff. Don't say "Just stop using *blah*" or "don't watch *blah*", because then I'm cutting out a source of info or a service that I otherwise love to watch and/or use. I can't stop voting, because that's stupid; that's just letting everyone decide the future, with me having no say at all. No way am I going into politics, I'm too indecisive as it is. Besides, odds are at some point that I'd become one of those people or a part of an organization that "isn't doing it right."

So, all I can do is read, voice an opinion now and again and get practically yelled at by 0.001% of the internet, and move on whilst my conscious stresses over how screwed up the present is and how screwed up the future could be because of this legislation or that mandate or these taxes.

TL;DR: Guy whining on internet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muddy Liveblog: Sony E3 Conference.

Watching E3 on G4. Figure I'd post something here as I experience it with those that are also watching.

3:03 They're boosting 3D. 20 titles by March 2011.

3:06 Killzone 3 in 3D. People are putting on their glasses, and it's a live demo.

3:12 Missing part of the experience w/o 3D. Meh on both the demo and the player; got whipped around a bit.

3:14 Sly Cooper HD collection! Yeah! And it's in 3D.

3:15 Regular content in 3D as well, it looks like. OK.

3:17 Dammit, why was Sly Cooper all slow-mo? Early demo, I suppose.

3:18 Sounds like they aren't killing the PS2 just yet.

3:20 Here comes Playstation Move. Forgot that you need the Playstation Eye to use the Move.

3:26 New game called Sorcery. Works w/ Playstation Move. Guarantee most of this came from early demos of EyeToy and Eye.

3:30 Fire Tornado! I can dig it.

3:32 Good tech demo; mixing elements rocks. Next up is Sports. Making a sandwich.

3:38 Golf bit's done.

3:39 Whoa. Wait, what? "Heroes on the Move," staring PS3 star characters. Uses the Move as well, from the looks of it.

3:41 Kevin Butler just hit the stage. Yes!

3:46 Wow, Butler just stole the show.

3:47 PS Move available September 19th, $49.99. Aw, the side controller is $29.99. Bundle at $99.99 has a PS Eye, a Move controller (not the side controller), and a tech demo game.

3:51 Just saw Time Crisis on the Move showoff video. Yes!

3:52 They're jumping to the PSP.

3:54 They brought that obnoxious kid from That's So Raven onto the PSP ad campaign. Not bueno.

3:56 Showing off God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PSP. CG Teaser, not much to see.

3:57 They just dropped a bunch of PSP game titles...but they sped through them. Here comes the showoff video for them. MGS: Peace Walker, ModNation Racers, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Gravity Crush Portable, DBZ: Tenkaichi Tag Team, Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip, Madden 11, inviZimals, Patapon 3 (!!), Fat Princess, Tetris, EyePet, Piyotama, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, The 3rd Birthday (!!), Persona 3 Portable, Ys, Valkyria Chronicles II.

4:01 Playstation Network is up next. Showing off numbers.

4:03 Now I have a reason to get on Playstation Home. They copied their booth and put it on there. Maybe I'll take a look.

4:04 They acquired MediaMolecule, the company that does LBP and ModNation Racers. Showing off LBP2. LBP's pretty much become a user-friendly game maker.

4:10 I am loving the possibilities of LBP2.

4:11 Playstation Plus. Paid Network subscription. $49.99/year, $17.99/3 months. You get free stuff off the network, and discounts; no guarantees that you'll get access to new Network features like better user communications between games. That should hit regular PSN users as well if they come out, like a firmware update. It sounds like a Membership card for commercial stores like a GameStop card.

4:15 Metal of Honor's being showed off right now.

4:19 MoH's multiplayer looks amazing. The beta drops June 21st (my birthday). Game comes out October 21st, comes with MoH: Frontline on PS3.

4:20 Dead Space 2's on the floor now. The atmosphere is great. I need to run through the original at some point.

4:23 Limited Edition Dead Space 2; comes with the original game w/ Move capabilities. Huh, was just talking about it.

4:25 Wait, what? Valve!? Portal 2!? PS3!?

4:28 ...Oh yes. I like very much. Final Fantasy 14 up next.

4:29 Blarg, more FF XIV CG; slight gameplay bits, from the look of it.

4:30 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has exclusive PS3 content, and Multiplayer. Here's a trailer. I'm liking how it looks; multiplayer looks very interesting. Beta's coming to PS3 soon.

4:33 More showcase video. Socom 4, Mafia II, Madden 11, NBA 2K11, The Fight: Lights Out, NCAA Football 11, EyePet, Start the Party, The Shoot, Echochrome II, MotorStorm: Apocalypce, True Crime, MvC3, PixelJunk Shooters 2, Mortal Combat, Castlevania, Dead Nation, DC Universe, Tron Evolution.

4:37 Gran Turismo 5. I'll believe this game is out when I can put a copy of it in my hand. They're pulling The Test Track from TopGear. I'll admit, it looks beautiful. November 2, 2010. THERE WE GO. Finally, a date.

4:40 Infamous 2. Oh, he has a weapon...and ice powers.

4:43 TWISTED METAL! YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES, YES! 2011. It looks amazing. Objective-based gameplay. Faction systems, huge maps...First day buy.

4:51 Show's over. Huge drops.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Video of the (Last) Week:

Griefing never gets old. So, for your entertainment, we're jumping back to CounterStrike!

Bonus Weegee:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Custom Content: Ringtones - Castlevania

I've got premium-cut versions of Vampire Killer (Castlevania, NES) and Bloody Tears (Castlevania II, NES) right here and waiting. Come and get some! *whips*

Castlevania Ringtones:; 890.4 KB | Preview and Download from

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Video of the Week: Oblivion Game Flaws

If you've ever played Oblivion, you know that the game has some balance issues, weird AI, and very funny bugs. Someone's done a live parody of it, and it really does a good job of pointing them out.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Spotted on Kotaku.

ThunderCats! HOOOOOO! The series is getting a rehash, on Cartoon Network nonetheless! This is one series that I approve getting a rehash, as I honestly don't remember too much about the series beyond the characters and the sword. Looking at the press release, it seems that CN is trying to get an older age group back to watching, with The Loony Toon Show (considering how cartoon violence like in classic Loony Toons skits are generally hated by overprotective parents...we can only hope it's good), another season of Batman: the Brave and the Bold (not that bad of a show, honestly; goes back to a more light-hearted Batman), Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (another Scooby Doo rehash?), and Young Justice (hell if I know).