Monday, April 26, 2010

An Otaku's Interests:

One Manga has become one of my favorite manga-reading sites around. Like many other sites, manga gets uploaded here for all to read. Beyond the fact that they have pretty good uptime and a nice interface (use arrow keys to change pages, chapter & page jumps, etc), it's recently started public Beta testing of a user-based system. Now, instead of bookmarking all of the manga I've been reading individually in my browser, I can bookmark them via the site itself and click "My Manga." Bam, all of the manga I'm reading/read is there, and even has what chapter I've read up to. A quick click and I can read the latest manga chapter, or come back to where I was reading. They update daily, have a huge archive of manga of so many genres, and are generally stable outside of the Beta service. They even have a Random button to pull out a random manga title from their selection; I've found a couple of titles I'd never heard of, like The Legend of Maian, Genshiken, and Highschool of the Dead (can't believe I didn't know about that one sooner), thanks to that feature. The forums are...meh, in my opinion, but I don't use them too often in the first place, so I won't judge them further.

If you don't already have a favorite place to read manga, make One Manga your choice. Beyond the occasional odd ad, they're the best service I've come across.

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