Monday, March 01, 2010

My Favorite Gaming Moments: Warhawk

This was going to be a Daily Scribble, but I figured, "Why not? This is supposed to be a blog, anyway." So new segment!

Remember my Warhawk review? Yeah, way far back, I know, but I really do want to start playing again. There was one match that I truly enjoyed (though I enjoyed many others beforehand), that will really stay with me. It pretty much made Warhawk for me, despite the fact that it wasn't actually in one of the planes. It was a capture the flag map, and I was in one of the jeeps. Time running out, and the game is tied (sounds like a bad sports movie). I drive all the way from the farthest base (the maps are pretty damn big), with 1 guy in the passenger seat. We rush the enemy base, getting some back up as we kill half the enemy team. Our jeep was totaled though, so...we steal an enemy jeep.

From then on, it's a freakin' movie chase scene, swerving past tanks, rockets, and Warhawk fire, all while trying to get back to the allied base. I mean literally swerving, I could see the damn explosions. I somehow do a perfect job taking the fastest route and making it all the way back to the base. And then my partner dies, and the flag is dropped. Screw that. I pick up the flag and score the winning point. I then exhaled and stopped my face from turning purple.

Rarely happens, but moments like that make multiplayer games for me. It's the "DID I JUST DO THAT? AWESOME!" factor of it all.

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