Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily Scribbles: Snagged BF:BC2...But Did I Do It Wrong?

Finally decided to get out and get Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Closest GameStop was at the Christansburg Mall, so I had to take the Two Town Trolly to get there. It only runs its route once an hour, so I time it and get to the stop with minutes to spare. Too bad the bus wasn't there; I was working off of last year's bus schedule, so I didn't know that the bus stop had moved. So I head to where the bus would stop at...misinterpreting where the pickup for the bus was. The stop moved to the other side of the building that I was near, where I was thinking it was near Main Street. Noes, I'm gonna miss the bus! Good thing the TTT actually stops at other stops on Main Street now (beforehand it was that stop or bust off of campus).

I get on and wait. Looking outside, eventually we pass near where construction on a building was taking place...except it was done...and there was a GameStop sign over it. WAT. It's only a 15-minute bike ride away from me, and that's cake! Screw this, I get off at the next stop...which was a whole shopping area away from me (10-minute walk). Only after the bus pulls out do I actually think about whether the store was even open yet; I go past this building every so often, so it just suddenly being open was a surprise. Luckily, it was open...Just yesterday. Holy hell, I'm on a roll.

So I hop in, grab BC2 and get ready to pay (I have a $50 gift card from doing surveys for a year...yeah, I prepared for this moment). One of the guys at the counter (think his name was Max) pointed me to a pre-owned copy of the Limited Edition. Holy sh*t. Grabbed, bought, walked out happy. Got back on the bus and came back to the dorm. Walking back, though, it occurs to me that the "Free DLC" only works for new copies of the game, and you need to use the code inside the case to get it. Luckily, the code's still there, but if it's been used, I'll have to pony up $15 to get it all. I haven't put the disk in yet, so I'll update when I do.


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