Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Still Frame: Webcomics, Vol. 2

These are some of my personal favorites. They've been bookmarked a long time for me.

8-Bit Theater |
By Brian Clevinger
Genre: Humor, Fantasy
Updates Tu, Th, Sat
[Currently beyond 1200 strips, The insane plot and often physical comedy are refreshing, despite it being a sprite comic. I almost tried to start my own sprite comic because of Clevinger's work...Then I came to my senses.]

El Goonish Shive |
By Dan Shive
Genre: Action, Drama, Humor
Updates ~Tu, Th
[The plot is a bit "everywhere," but Shive's comic world is fleshed out quite well as a result. Do not read from the middle, you will have no clue what's what and you won't get any enjoyment out of it. Classy TF fan-service abound.]

Order of the Stick |
By Rich Burlew
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor
Updates Weekly (day varies)
[Thank my brother for this one. He's a huge D&D fan (got me making a campaign), and there's a lot of referential humor in this comic for it. The 4th wall breakage is priceless when it happens.]

Sabrina Online |
By Eric W. Schwartz
Genre: Humor
Updates Monthly
[It kinda sucks that we get about 3 comics a month from him, but they're all very funny and advance the plot surprisingly well. It's the web equivalent of a newspaper's Sunday comic strip, but actually funny. It's not only for fur fans, despite what others may say...Transformer fans will like it too. :P]

Candi |
By Starline Hodge
Genre: Drama
Updates M-Tu, Th-F
[This is my "One Tree Hill," of webcomics, I suppose. Teenage drama abound, though there's enough comedy to keep me entertained otherwise. Also, there's a talking, flying ferret. Gotta get the surreal fans somehow, and that's not a bad thing in my opinion.]

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