Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Scribbles: Wordpress Designin'

Some of you know that I'm the Web Designer and Site Manager for Virginia Tech's Silhouette Literary and Art Magazine...and if you didn't know, ya do now. I did the original site in plain HTML and CSS because of a lack of time, but now I'm putting the site on Wordpress. Designing a a bit trickier than I expected. I'm doing a modification of the free public theme "Sidebarssuck" by Lifecheater, because for this site, sidebars do suck. Practical, yes, but not good-looking enough for what I was going for. As much as I hate to say that...I really like practical, so I'm out of my comfort zone.

However, I had loads of fun figuring out how to work theme editing. It's going to make life so much easier and better for Silhouette once this gets up. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't have my own personal server, I think I'd move 365DT to a Wordpress installation. Every time I try to theme Blogger, I stop because it's just too damn hard without having your own server to work on. Some day...

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