Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily Scribbles: Freezing Rain & You

It's nothing but sleet down here right now, and VT freaked out about it. Campus closes at 3:30PM, classes after then are canceled. My CS lab starts at 2:30, though, so does this apply to me? I check on the class forums at about 1:56, a mere 5 minutes after finding out. No update. I make a post asking. Wait until 2:15 for some response...nothing. "Ok, guess classes are going. Now to bike my way there."

Yeah, bike. And with nothing to cover my face, I'm looking down 3/4ths of the time to protect my eyes from falling ice (which always hit my eyes). Finally get there about 5 minutes before class, just to see everyone start to walk out. Yep, lab just got canceled.

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