Tuesday, December 01, 2009

New Tech: Traffic Lights w/ Progress Bars

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It's a real shame, but I've yet to get my driver's license. I keep putting it off and I can't get practice. Eventually...
I'd like for these to be on the road when I get on the road. They're called Eko Lights, traffic lights with a progress bar surrounding the red stop light, telling drivers when the light will change. You can actually prep your car for a long light wait for once, improving gas mileage, reducing emissions, and supposedly reducing stress from said long light as a result. Though I suppose stoplight dragsters would love these, and a comment made on the page does make a good point:
Drivers may prepare to take off at great speed by anticipating the green and hit unwary pedestrians chancing a "no walk" sign.
Then again, if you're actually driving right, this shouldn't be a problem, as well as if you're obeying the "look both ways" rule as a pedestrian. There's more info on the Eko Light from their designers at (who have several other nice product designs, if you browse a bit).

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