Monday, November 30, 2009

Video of the Week: Wasted Tech

Spotted on Destructoid.


Ya know, when I see technology get destroyed for pointless reasons, it really ticks me off. If it's an accident, fine, stuff happens. That's how I feel about my PSP right now. But to purposefully destroy well-maintained and operational technology over some stupid spat or argument is enraging. Thus, we come to this video.

I don't care if it's faked or whatever. If that 360 was actually working, there was no need to destroy it. Posted a comment on it on Destructoid in response to it:
Ugh, Bitch!

I really hate when people destroy technology over stupid shit like this. Just sell the damn thing, give it away, donate it or something! That 360 could have been used by a goddamn orphanage! SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!
So please, readers. Before you break that console, before you toss that cellphone, before you smash your computer or wreck your TV...before you destroy a piece of technology, whether it's yours or someone else's...use some common sense. Just think for a moment, calm down before you do something as drastic as this. There's no need, and there are better ways to get payback and maybe even a quick buck or two.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Video of the Week: Lack of Internets Edition

Sorry for the late update, but with Verizon currently screwing me and my family over, I have no internet access at the house. So, instead I'm posting from the local college. Joy.

Neo got Left 4 Dead recently (not the sequel), and so I feel that this is appropriate. L4D Montage! Fear the AI Director!

All of these videos feature kilplixism and his gaming crew from Youtube.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Programs for $0: MyPhoneExplorer

If you have a Sony Ericsson phone, basically any phone that is on this list, as well as some means of a connection to your phone, I'd recommend MyPhoneExplorer for the job. easily acts as a great organizer for your mobile phone.

Bluetooth connectivity, once you get it going (and it's surprisingly easy on Windows 7), makes life so much easier. Still works with a cable, as far as I can tell, so that's still an option as well. Once it's connected, you can view, create, and backup just about everything on your phone through this program. Contacts, calls, messages, individual files like ringtones, and so on. Just be careful with viewing files, though...sometimes the program crashes on that. The calendar feature works brilliantly, allowing a connection from your Outlook or even Google calendar directly to and from your phone, and many settings to customize said connection to what you want to happen.

Other features I'm starting to use is the actual live connection itself. If the phone is connected constantly, your PC pretty much can act as the interface; typing up text messages, changing settings, almost all of it can be done through MPE. If you've got the means, grab this program. It's only $0.00...though you could always donate. I'm sure the developers would appreciate it.

Grab MyPhoneExplorer at the developer's website, FJ Software Development.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hell of a Deal: Logitech G9 Lazer Gaming Mouse for $35

If you missed the mouse sale last week, or if you were looking for one with more customization, the $99.99 G9 just went half-off at HP. With an interchangeable weight system, different grips, and inboard mouse setting memory, you'll be gaming your own way. $50 off, plus the $15 coupon at LogicBuy gives you a lofty $35 purchase. Jump on it while it's there.

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Otaku's Interests: Honey the Bug

Thanks to a Destructoid post, I'm kinda obsessing over this old anime.

The anime is called "Honey the Bug." It came out in 1986, and is based on the game Adventure Island on the Famicom. It went on for 51 episodes, got a movie, and it's own game. From the drawing style and the character interactions in the intro alone, it really seems like a kid's show, but for some reason I want to find out more about it. I like the simple animation style used for the show. Unfortunately, you can really only find the intro and endings to the show; I haven't found a full episode source yet.

If anyone can get me some more info on this, or some clips (even better), please feel free to post. Here's some of the videogame footage, for both Adventure Island and Honey the Bee.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daily Scribbles: ROCK THE DRAGON

I always thought it was interesting how the DBZ intro grabbed most of its clips from the movies, and then shows Vegeta, Trunks, and Goku as Super Sayians. It took until the damn Frieza Saga for Goku to turn SS, and Trunks doesn't even show up until the Cell Saga. Every time I saw that intro, I'd always wonder who he was. If you never heard of the movies, you'd always think you missed an episode or something. Least I did.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Video of the Week: Valve Edition

We've got a couple of clips that are somehow related to Valve games, and a bonus MW2 clip for those who haven't seen it yet. Go!

For future reference: the AI in L4D can be quite scary.

...Well, if you consider killing zombies to Counter-Strike, you must die pretty easily.

On that note, here's yet another person pissed off at CS.

BONUS: Awesome Modern Warfare 2 knife kill.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - project-Delta | "Air Man Will Not Die"

Kinda surprised I haven't posted on Air Man yet. If you've played Megaman 2, you know of the pain that Air man is typically. A Japanese group put that frustration into song, putting out Air Man ga Taosenai, or Air Man Will Not Die. The ringtone is taken from the intro rift, but I can easily make other cuts upon request. In the meantime, download the suffering of thousands below. Check out the music video as well. Love the drawing style.

project-Delta - Air Man ga Taosenai: AIRMAN.mp3; 409.5 kb | Preview and Download from

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hell of a Deal: Razor Salmosa Gaming Mouse, $13.37

I freakin' love Woot. Every day, a new deal, and when the tech stuff comes out, they're pretty good. That brings us to the new mouse on sale today. The Razor Salmosa Gaming Mouse.

I've got a nice Razor myself, and I purchased it from Woot as well. Love this thing. I'm sure the Salmosa is of similar quality, if lacking in comparison to my mouse. You've only got 2 main buttons and the scrolling wheel with this one, but again, the quality's there. Besides, I love the name. Sal-mos-a. Say it a couple of times. Sal-mos-a!

And yes, you are paying LEET for this mouse...+$5 Shipping. Grab it today, because it only lasts today.

Also, props to Neo for starting this new tag earlier with the Windows 7 deal.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Video of the Week: Wacky Japanese Dole Ads

Given the craziness that comes out of Japan, I actually think these are a bit tame. Only a bit, though. It does, however, make me want to buy some bananas, so I suppose the ads are doing their jobs.