Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Games to Wait for: September/October Edition

I know I missed September's edition, so in return I'll throw in two recommendations here: Modern Warfare 2 and Bayonetta.

...Do I really need to go into detail with MW2? It's the freakin' sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you're going to buy it nonetheless. Now, I may get show down for this, but I personally enjoyed COD: World at War more...the reason being that I could actually score pretty well in-game. The pace is slowed down, where Modern Warfare was always a bit too fast for me. Still, it ran on Modern Warfare's engine, so I fully expect Modern Warfare 2 to improve upon the engine and the gameplay as a whole for me. The campaign is based in a plot where the war comes home, and Washington D.C. is a battleground. Oh, it's a beaut, and I honestly enjoyed the prequel's campaign, so this shouldn't disappoint. Multiplayer looks to be what we know, but with more weapons and accessories, along with customizable kill-streak bonuses (and thus more varieties of bonuses). Maybe I'll actually be able to get some kills this time around. The game drops November 10 (11-10-09...brilliant) for the PC, 360, and PS3. I've got a campaign trailer and a multiplayer show for ya below.

Bayonetta looks to be a great action game, hovering on the guides of Devil May Cry. Though it's to be expected considering some DMC staff are actually working on the game. The deviously sexy Bayonetta combos her way through hordes of "Angels," often with her pistols in hand and leg. Yeah, she has guns on her feet.
Oh, also, her hair is controlled by her and powers some of her attacks.
Oh, and the more hair she uses, the more of her body is shown because her suit is made of said hair.


Haven't figured out the plot just yet, but I have played the demo, and if you're a fan of DMC, you are going to love this number. The reveal for the states is January 2010. Enjoy the trailer...just don't have too much fun.

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