Friday, October 16, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - Valkyria Cronicles Victory Theme

I made this number pretty quickly, but it's definitely worth it. This is the victory theme for Valkyria Chronicles, that wonderful RPG that I reviewed in June.

Always liked having victory music as a ringtone, and I'm always willing to make such tones when they aren't from Final Fantasy. There's just too many of those to go around already. The rising sound should allow you enough time before the crescendo of the orchestra to silence it, if you really want to. Feel free to play it after your strategy finally works.

Valkyria Chronicles - "Conferral of Honors": VC_victory.mp3, 470.2kb |
Preview and Download from

Edit: Whoops, gave you the link to the wrong ringtone. That's next week's. Link's fixed now.

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