Friday, October 30, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - Cowboy Bebop's "Rain"

Neo's gonna hate me for this one. Anyone remember Cowboy Bebop? I've got a perfect 30-second clip from the song "Walk in the Rain" for you all. Just try not to have your phone go off near Neo...he'd likely kill you, then me for it. Ask him for the details if you're brave enough (it's nothing serious...).

Cowboy Bebop - Walk In The Rain: cowboy bebop - rain.mp3; 518.5 kb | Preview and Download from

Monday, October 26, 2009

Game to Try: Clockworks - Prelude

Warning: This game is addictive. Prepare to lose several hours on it if you are not prepared.

Clockworks - Prelude is a word game backed by Essentially, you input words into a cannon that shoots and destroys mechanical spiders trying to steal your secrets. Letters that you type in can sometimes be special letters that do more damage when used; you collect, customize, and use them similar to a card game. You can also synthesize them, creating stronger letters and even letters with special effects.

Being backed by a dictionary-site, the game's word list is impeccable. Yes, "antidisestablishmentarianism" does work (and yes, I did have to use spell check for that). The gameplay is quick and rewarding, but also quite forgiving. There are 40 levels, and obviously they get harder, but if you're fast enough on the keyboard and have a good mental vocab (or enough words/objects surrounding you to fill in), you'll have a great time with this one. Can't wait until I hit level 40.

Play the Flash game now on Kongregate!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - Fist of the North Star OP

Yep, I've got a 30-second clip of Hokuto no Ken's 1st season opening. YOU WA SHOCK! I'll remember Fist of the North Star for a damn long time now. Just be prepared for a jump or two when it rings if the volume's up loud.

Hokuto no Ken - Ai Wo Torimodose: aiwotorimodose_short.mp3; 469.8 kb | Preview and Download from

Video of the Week: The Pulp Fiction Google Wave.

If you have no clue what Google Wave is, according to,
... a project announced by Google at the Google I/O conference on May 28, 2009 [see above video] It is a web application and computing platform designed to bring together e-mail, instant messaging, wiki, and social networking, with a strong collaborative focus, mixed with spellchecker and translator extensions, which are able to work in concert, in real-time. It is planned to be released later in 2009.
Still a bit confused? Maybe this video can demonstrate the power and capabilities of the upcoming app. Samuel Jackson approved.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Games to Wait for: September/October Edition

I know I missed September's edition, so in return I'll throw in two recommendations here: Modern Warfare 2 and Bayonetta.

...Do I really need to go into detail with MW2? It's the freakin' sequel to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you're going to buy it nonetheless. Now, I may get show down for this, but I personally enjoyed COD: World at War more...the reason being that I could actually score pretty well in-game. The pace is slowed down, where Modern Warfare was always a bit too fast for me. Still, it ran on Modern Warfare's engine, so I fully expect Modern Warfare 2 to improve upon the engine and the gameplay as a whole for me. The campaign is based in a plot where the war comes home, and Washington D.C. is a battleground. Oh, it's a beaut, and I honestly enjoyed the prequel's campaign, so this shouldn't disappoint. Multiplayer looks to be what we know, but with more weapons and accessories, along with customizable kill-streak bonuses (and thus more varieties of bonuses). Maybe I'll actually be able to get some kills this time around. The game drops November 10 (11-10-09...brilliant) for the PC, 360, and PS3. I've got a campaign trailer and a multiplayer show for ya below.

Bayonetta looks to be a great action game, hovering on the guides of Devil May Cry. Though it's to be expected considering some DMC staff are actually working on the game. The deviously sexy Bayonetta combos her way through hordes of "Angels," often with her pistols in hand and leg. Yeah, she has guns on her feet.
Oh, also, her hair is controlled by her and powers some of her attacks.
Oh, and the more hair she uses, the more of her body is shown because her suit is made of said hair.


Haven't figured out the plot just yet, but I have played the demo, and if you're a fan of DMC, you are going to love this number. The reveal for the states is January 2010. Enjoy the trailer...just don't have too much fun.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What I See: Uruguay First Nation w/ Laptops for Primary School Students

Spotted on Engadget.

Now this is just awesome. The One Laptop Per Child initiative has hit a true milestone with this bit of news. The title really speaks for itself, but you're going to love the cost of it. Overall, Uruguay used less than 5% of its education budget to fund this. Every child student has one of these for only that amount. Technology rocks.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Video of the Week: Gatsby

Gatsby is a Japanese cosmetic company, and boy do they have some interesting advertisements. One of the best ads I've seen thus far would be the "Soul" commercials, as I've delightfully dubbed them. These commercials feature people with "great" hair dancing to a parody of The Stylistics' "I Can't Give You Anything But My Love." ...Yeah, parents loved that stuff, the knowledge rubbed off. Check out the crazy dance moves this guy pulls off.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - Valkyria Cronicles Victory Theme

I made this number pretty quickly, but it's definitely worth it. This is the victory theme for Valkyria Chronicles, that wonderful RPG that I reviewed in June.

Always liked having victory music as a ringtone, and I'm always willing to make such tones when they aren't from Final Fantasy. There's just too many of those to go around already. The rising sound should allow you enough time before the crescendo of the orchestra to silence it, if you really want to. Feel free to play it after your strategy finally works.

Valkyria Chronicles - "Conferral of Honors": VC_victory.mp3, 470.2kb |
Preview and Download from

Edit: Whoops, gave you the link to the wrong ringtone. That's next week's. Link's fixed now.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zero's Rants: 2D Fighters Going 3D

My webcam sucks, so sorry for the poor video quality. Think I'm going to just plop on images behind my audio from now on.

Hear me or don't: for once, you have the option. :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - Brave Fencer Musashi's "The Musashi Legend"

My current favorite ringtone. I've been meaning to get back to Brave Fencer Musashi for quite a while now. Never fully beat it, but I caught it on sale at GameStop before they stopped selling PSX games. It was a great find.

This is essentially the main theme of the game, which is why it's stuck in my head so hard right now. This ringtone is pretty much why this segment was started. I love the ending climax at the end of the tone, it just all works perfectly.

Brave Fencer Musashi - "The Musashi Legend": TheMusashiLegend.mp3, 472.0kb | Preview and Download from

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Video of the Week: Osu! + Phoenix Wright + Queen = WIN

Osu! is a music game based on the concept of Elite Beat Agents; shapes pop up on the screen, and you hit them to the beat to score points. Where Stepmania is a customizable DDR game, Osu! is a customizable Elite Beat Agents game: custom themes, edit songs yourself, download as many as you want from wherever, etc. I'll talk more about Osu! in a review later; you're here for the video anyway.

If you know Elite Beat Agents (or the Japanese original, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan), the plot basically involves the player acting as the agents, helping someone fix some scenario for themselves. This is, as the creators realized, a perfect framework for a Phoenix Wright case. Throw some Queen in the mix, and you can't lose.

I wish I could pull that off myself.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Custom Content: Ringtone - Street Fighter II's Bonus Stage.

Ever felt like beating up a car? How about crushing a pile of bricks? This ringtone hails from Street Fighter II's bonus stage, where you're tasked to do something outrageous for extra points. Then again, that's not saying much considering almost all bonus games are like that anyway.

What I like about this one, besides the obvious throwback (that a surprising number of people get), it actually speeds up near the end. "Hurry up and answer the damn phone, or no bonus points for you!"

Street Fighter II - Bonus Stage: carbg.mp3,547.5 kb | Preview and Download from

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Video of the Week: Super HARDCORE Mario Bros. 2

This is only for the HARDCORE. I'll never look at SMB2 the same way again. The video drags a bit getting close to the end, but the rest of the video, as well as the ending, easily made me forget that.