Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daily Scribbles: Custom Content

I've rambled a bit on Twitter and Facebook about random ringtones I made of things. You know what? I think I'll start making more, and posting them. Finally, I'm truly contributing!

  • I'll probably do the post on Fridays. Once a week, you get a free ringtone. Sound good?
  • The ringtones will be about 30 seconds in length, MP3 quality. Honestly, you don't need a ringtone longer than that, and it's actually a limit for some older phones (like mine currently). Phones just naturally like MP3s anyway.
  • To actually get your hands on them, you'll have to download them to your phone in some way. I do mine over Bluetooth, some can use a memory stick, others can download directly to their phone if they're able to access the blog on the device. Getting them to work on the iPhone...I'm not sure if that's considered "easy" yet, I know it's not as simple as "drag and drop". Then again, I don't use iPhone nor iTunes.
  • You'll get your preview, a description, and a link to the main download. Haven't decided on the best way to host the files or set up previews yet, so bare with me on that front...I may jump around a bit initially.
  • I do take requests. If I hear some shouts for a ringtone to make, I'll listen. Just don't expect it to be up that week. It's good to have a backlog sometimes.
  • The content is SFW. No porn sounds or blatant cursing.
I may also be making other things as well. Userbars aren't popular anymore, but personally I'd like to make some more. We'll see. Suggestions are, again, always welcome.

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