Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I See: PS3 Price Cut, PS3slim Revealed!

So after all the rumors, photos (real and photoshopped), and sale flyers, Sony finally revealed both the new PS3slim, as well as a $100 PS3 price slash at Gamescom. About freakin' time.

The PS3 80 GB, and apparently the PS3slim when it hits stores in September, will both cost $299.99 off the bat, finally in competitive range with the 360 Pro edition.

The PS3slim will be the same PS3 you know and love, minus 2/3 the bulk and Linux install options, and a total of 120 GB of space in the initial HD. Here's some pretty photos, courtesy of Engadget, as well as a video featuring Sony's Jack Tretton demoing the revamped console.

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