Thursday, August 20, 2009

Retractions: Digsby

One of my early recommendations on "Programs for $0.00" was Digsby, a multi-client IM program with a load of potential.

I'm here to say now that I'm pulling that recommendation based on recent events. I urge anyone who currently has this program to uninstall, and properly clean your computer...there's most likely crapware attached.

This post on Lifehacker by The How-To Geek (a favorite blogger of mine) shows exactly why. While previously the program only asked you to install a toolbar (and asked of nothing beforehand), you can now see a screen similar the header image if you're not careful. The post also mentions how the program uses your PC to crawl around and make money for it. Honestly, all of the above are optional and can be turned off (through tricky menus), but there's only so much users can take. Those unscrupulous enough to allow installs or not change the settings could end up with who knows what on their computers. Others, including myself, hate going through such screens to protect our computer and use a program. And still others hate the fact that the program even gives the option in the first place, and fear that even saying no can cause something they don't want on their system to appear. Who's to say that isn't occurring, anyway?

I've switched to Pidgin. A less graphical multi-client IM program with plenty of features and plugins. There's also less memory usage. Oh, and no malware whatsoever. Good deal to me, I say.

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