Sunday, August 16, 2009

Games to Wait For: August Edition

Game I'm interested in right now is Scribblenauts. This DS title seems very amazing right now, simply because of the concept: create things to beat puzzles and get stars. Give the game a word, and it will create it in-game for you to use in whatever ways are possible.

Seriously, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Check out this quote of what a player is really capable of.
"I clicked one, and realized I could RIDE THEM. So I hopped on a f*cking DINOSAUR, traveled back to the present, and stomped the shit out of robot zombies. Did you just read that sentence? Did you really? I F*CKING TRAVELED THROUGH TIME AND JUMPED ON A DINOSAUR AND USED IT TO KILL MOTHERF*CKING ROBOT ZOMBIES."
...Yep. Here's a trailer of the awesome, and some gameplay of said awesome. Scribblenauts comes out on September 15.

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