Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I See: My Little Pony

Spotted @ Kotaku.

...I bet you never expected to see that title on this blog...neither did I, until I saw these guys!
Custom My Little Ponies based off modern stuff, including video games. Understandable for a series like Legend of Zelda (duh, has a horse in it).

...but Gears of War!? The faces are even made rugged.

Oh, and look, Iron Man!

Unfortunate that the pricing's way up there. $125 a pop for these guys. Understandable, considering the obvious effort (and sheer collectability), but a shame I'll never be able to afford one...unless they start mass-producing them. Check out the Ebay page, and if you really want one, be sure to thank (and pay) out4bear for them.

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