Thursday, July 23, 2009

Otakon 2009

Things Purchased (its been a while guys! Be back with more substance shortly)

-Rei Ayanami ALTER 1/5 PVC (got a hella good deal/haggle on Sunday FTW)
-Welcome to the NHK (all of it)
-5 Pieces of Original Artwork ~not prints~ (1 feat. Hinata/Sakura/Ino FTW) rest full page detailed Chibis....too lazy to take pics....
-Hotel room ($$$)
-Like A Boss Gendou T-shirt of epic win.

Would have bought more figures but the ones I wanted were way above whats normal on Ebay so I ended up Buying Yomiko Readman( T_^ tear*) off of Ebay yesterday (Kotobukiya Ver).

Would have bought wall scrolls walls are currently full! Would have bought a messenger bag of win if I didn't already have one.

Would have bought Valkyrie Profile/Persona 2 buuuut they were like $144 something....
well, deals aren't everywhere I guess.

What I really want now is the ALTER 1/5 version of Asuka that goes along with the one I now own but....It. Is. soooooo. Rare..... DO WANT.

On another note, CON was FUN. Just hated lugging everything around and eating nothing but snacks from the backpack....(I do not leave con, for any reason, once I am there. Not for Food or Friends)
Expect the Black Bunny Brigade next year !


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