Sunday, July 19, 2009

Otakon 2009: Day 3, We End With a Bang!

Wow. Never in all of my years at Otakon have I been able to capture the footage I've witnessed this year.

I've actually got video of what I call the Pointing Brigade, started by our own Neo and our comrades Bruce (The Black Bunny), Harvey, and Brandon. Pretty much, if you were around the Upper Charles Street Lobby, you'd be able to see the "Awesome" sign on the ceiling window.

They went all-out with the sign this year.

This caused Derek to point at it. Then he got the rest of us to point, and me to take pictures. Typical.

That's Harv in the back.

Then others started to point. Unusual for us, but ok.

Then, Bruce went drill instructor on everyone, getting more and more people to point with us. Eventually, it became this.

This went on for a good 12 minutes, before security decided to step in. I've got a bit more than 5 minutes on it down below.

BB is a nut. We love him, though. Also, apologies to the security and staff if it caused any trouble. Although at least one of your men was texting about it. Just saying it was worth it. There's more footage and photos below, and all of the pictures are up in the gallery at the highest of resolution. Unfortunately, I missed the portion where the cheering commenced outdoors, but we met someone who has video/pics of that as well. Will update when we get that footage.

All in all, a great Otakon. It took a little bit of manual work by the attendees, but it succeeded. I'll follow up tomorrow with a brief summary of actions, and Tuesday should have my top 5 moments.

Otakon 09

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Neo_Kyocera said...

I was simple continuing a tradition that I enjoyed after every Sunday concert, Pointing. I have no idea how it gets up there but I always have fun pointing at it. This year however there was a lack of support I noticed. One soul was asking people to point so of course I did which got my friends (Bruce aka t3h Black Bunny, Blaze Harv and Our Zer0)asking what the hell as they were trying to go home. Well they joined me and we had swords and wall scrolls and attracted many people but it wasn't enough as Bruce noticed....He decided to go drill instructor and did what needed to be done. I got my friends to do it which, directly from us,led to more then 150 pointers. I feel happy that Otakon went out like this as Awesome is a necessary injection we all needed before we went home.