Monday, July 13, 2009

New Tech: OnLive, Streaming Videogames in the Clouds

OnLive premiered at GDC 09, and it's an interesting concept that I can only hope will hold water. The concept is that you can play console-like games over the internet via your computer. Yes, Crysis, the "PC Killer", could play on your mom's Dell if you wanted it to. Your input, keyboard/controller/etc., travels through the internet to OnLive servers, back to you via the video stream. 720p resolution at 60 FPS sounds very tantalizing. With big companies apparently backing the development, and publishers loving the possibility of less piracy, this sounds like a winning combo...if it holds. Honestly, until bandwidth improves nationwide, I can't see this working well enough to become mainstream. Let's hope I'm wrong. Let's check some proof of concept below.

Here's a trailer for their services.

And the full conference meeting, provided by GameSpot.

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