Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daily Scribbles: Got the Badge!

Just got my Badge. 5 Internets for the person who guesses the show on it. Jeez, was that line long! Took around 2 hours just to get inside the building, and of course it was relentless scorching sun. I'd have taken pictures, but I think my Twitter post, which took place after I got the badge, should explain why. Seriously, while typically there were water bottle sellers (no exception this year), they brought out a full grill stand! A friend of mine waiting in line with me actually got himself a hotdog at the place, and they had more than that! It was much longer than last year, although that makes sense since it was storming...but I would have killed for some rain.

Packing up for tomorrow now. That includes the camera, I won't forget it this time. Though no cosplay this year. I don't think I have the mindset for it anyway. Meh, whatever, least I have my swanky shirt with an image from an anime that no one can ever guess...seriously, I don't even know.

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