Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Programs for $0.00: Dexpot

Last year, I got a Tablet PC for school...The tablet portion I've only "needed" for my engineering class in the fall. I still enjoy having the computer, though I wish the thing had an actual graphics card. Having a laptop period, though, means limited screen space, and I typically have several apps open for several reasons. Space runs out, and the trackpad is annoying to use to reach the taskbar every time. So, I opted for more screens, and I chose Dexpot to do the job for me.

Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager, capable of giving you up to 20 customizable virtual screens to access. While I doubt you'd actually ever use 20 screens, my setup has 4 that I use consistently. Pretty minimal memory usage, hotkey capability, and several modes to actually view your screens. Also, while I haven't tested it personally, it seems to work with just about every version of windows from '95 and up.

Honestly, that's about all you would need to know about Dexpot. Beyond that, there's desktop rules you can apply to automate how your desktop works, startup programs when a certain desktop is selected, and customize every desktop's wallpaper. It's the small things, really. Oh, and of course it's only $0, so why not?

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