Monday, June 01, 2009

Games to Wait For...June, Week 1

New segment! With E3 going on this week. I'd figure now would be the best time to start up "Games to Wait For." Every week, I'll be featuring one or two games set to come out soon in the US that I will most likely buy.

I'd have done Infamous if the segment started last week, but since that's already out, let's talk Prototype. I've always been a fan of sandbox games, and Prototype seems to be following up on that quite well. You're a shapeshifter, essentially, and not only can you kill and destroy...oh just about anything besides some buildings (maybe), you can change your combat style to do as such, run and jump like a superhuman parkour expert, and absorb other people for knowledge and to copy their looks. Makes for some interesting stealth missions, in my opinion. It all looks amazing, too.
I can't wait for this game, it'll be one of those games I'd pick up and play after I've already beaten it. Look for it June 9th.

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