Monday, June 22, 2009

Games to Wait For: June, Week 3

Gah, forgive this post that should have been done Friday. Lost track of time that day, and never hit submit, and this weekend was my birthday, so I stayed away from my computer most of the time.

MAG looks AMAZING. MAG, Massive Action Game, is a First-Person Multiplayer Shooter, with a maximum 256 players playing on one map at the same time. To manage the chaos that would inevitalby ensue from that, all players play in 8-player squads, with a squad leader giving commands. If you've ever played games like Battlefield or Resistance 2 in online multiplayer, shooters with high player counts during their prime, this is one of those games, and I love those games. Beyond that, the gameplay really does remind me of Battlefield, with vehicles, the ability to parashute in at times, a customizable class system...basically, this game is expanding the capabilities of Battlefield, and there's nothing wrong with that. Bigger is better in these kinds of games, as long as it doesn't crumble in on itself. Look for it sometime this year...hopefully. At least there's a beta coming out soon...hopefully. If there is, expect to see me on there. Here's the latest trailer, and the E3 footage shot by Destructoid.

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