Monday, June 15, 2009

Daily Scribbles: Video Game Icons You Should Know

It's kinda random, but I read this post about a Senator using Pac-Man to represent the Federal Debt. That alone warrents this post, but what I found unnerving was that, once again, the News spouted out that this was "for videogame junkies" transitioning to the post.

Why the hell do you have to be a "videogame junkie" to know who Pac-Man is!?

You hear generalizations like this on just about every major news network when the post is related to video games (and not trying to defame them). National and local channels, and on some of the websites as well. Really? If you don't know who Pac-Man is by now, good sir or madam, you are either retired or have just come out from under that rock. So, here's a personal list - and I'm sure there are more the common people will know - of characters you should know. If you don't, educate yourself! You'll better yourself for it. I'll leave inatimate objects out of this, however.

Pac-Man: Why the hell don't you know Pac-Man? First gaming icon ever. Hell, if you've seen a pie chart, you've most likely seen Pac-Man and just don't know the name.

Ms. Pac-Man: Add a bow on Pac-Man and you have the missus. First "female" gaming icon, technically.

Mario: If you don't know Mario, SLAP YOURSELF. Someone needs to hit some sense into you, and you're not with society so there can't be anyone near you to do so.

Bowser: The original story of Mario: Save the princess from the giant fire-breathing turtle. Bowser is said turtle.
Princess Peach: Same as above, except Peach is said princess.

Sonic: If you didn't have Nintendo, you had Sega, and Sonic became just has famous as Mario at one point. Once you're in the Macy's Day Parade, everyone can point you out, especially if you're a blue hedgehog.


Samus: Who I consider to be the first female gaming icon. Kinda sad that when she was revealed to be female, everyone was in a state of surprise, but considering that typically females in games were damsels in distress, it's understandable.

Pikachu: You couldn't do anything without seeing him during the height of the Pokemon Craze.

Megaman: The blue robot who has threatened many a controller's destruction, and there are just way too many Megaman games to really not know about him. Unfortunately, that means multiple versions of him, which may confuse some. Just remember he's blue and has a cannon for an arm...typically.

Master Chief: Even if you've never played Halo, you most likely know someone who has at one point at a time...and he's made you play the game with you.

Now see, doing all of this...This makes me a videogame junkie. Proud of it, too. Don't pass the title around like a collection plate, please.

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