Saturday, May 30, 2009

Video of the Week: Hokuto Edition

Fresh off of my Fist of the North Star review, is this week's Video of the Week Special!

You'll remember from my review the Hundred Crack Fist video. Easily one of the most memorable scenes in the series. Also, exploitable.

Hokuto no Koopa. Based on an excellent flash series called Super Mario Bros Z.

Even Kenshiro likes Wii Fit...

I know Neo's gonna like this one.

Moving on, we've got a prime example of the kind of grunts Ken goes up against. Sure, he can beat up as many people as he wants, but sometimes he just leads them on perfectly...
then BOOM.

Finally, here's a short clip from The Legends of the True Savior (from which portion I'm not sure). Just the way Ken sounds in comparison to the's more realistic I suppose (more Bruce Lee-sounding than ever), but...

BONUS: A great anime about fighting typically gets a fighting video game. Check out this commented match on Hokuto no Ken.

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