Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Return!

So, after a grueling month of classes and tests, along with a longer-than-expected hiatus, I'm back to posting!

Now, I still have finals from Friday to Tuesday, but I believe I'll now have time to post for once. So, to mark the occasion, I have an announcement: I'm making a video game!

Me and my brother talked it over, and we're considering starting up a RPG using Flash and Java. Well, after finishing my Java class today, I definitely want to do it! It'd be online with user logins, if I could really get that all to work properly. I really want to accomplish this over the summer, though, and it'd be great for my resume, I believe. So, I'll give updates on the progress of it...every two weeks or so once we actually start. and if I don't, tell me to!

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