Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daily Scribbles: Deus Ex Machina

Again, sorry for the absence...I'm was going through a bit of a crisis in my life, but I feel as if I owe it to everyone to explain exactly what it was.

You know about the big fuss I made about finals. There's a very good reason for that...besides the fact that finals are hard. At Virginia Tech, and I'm guessing many other colleges and universities, you need a GPA of 2.00 or above, else you start getting consequences. My first semester, last fall...yeah, that didn't happen. Besides the fact that Calculus is still killing me right now, I had other courses that I simply loathed (why the hell am I learning Biology when my major is going to be Computer Science!?)...but that's Engineering for ya. So, I got an academic probation, which means I only get 16 hours of classes (and there went English class), and I have to get a semester GPA of 2.5, or an overall GPA of 2.00, or I get the next consequence. So all this spring semester I've had that hanging over my head, so I buckled down even tighter than I had before (and that was tight to begin with), and went into it.

Guess what I found out the weekend after finals? Go ahead, I'll wait...
Yeah, missed AGAIN, thanks to a D in Calc part 2. Here's the kicker, though. I needed an overall GPA of 2.00...I now have an overall GPA of 1.98. I found that out at 3AM, just about to go to sleep. That's kinda traumatizing, when you think about it. So, I currently have an academic suspension on my head, which means no Fall 09 semester for me. In the words of Will Smith, "Oh hell naw." So now I have a nicely written appeal letter written out over the next 2 days, ready to send it in so I can get out of the suspension...because that's like tripping 1 step from the finish line, it's just so wrong. Check my email once again, and I find out that my Engineering grade for the Spring semester was actually calculated wrong (The whole class grading was messed up), and many students actually earned around half a letter grade higher than what they got. I have a B-, and if everything works out, I will actually have at least a B or higher. One Calculator app opening and closing later, I find my GPA would actually be a 2.01 or higher. Thank you, God, I really appreciate this one.

A couple of days later, it's confirmed, and I'm back in good standings. So yeah, I was freaked out, but that's over, and now it's time to just put off all the stress. I'll be back tomorrow with actual content for ya.

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