Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video of the Week: Ventrilo Harassment Edition

EDIT: Yikes, no clue what happened with the videos. Fixed now.

I've come across untapped LOLs. A while ago, a video was put out featuring a user on a Vent server with a Duke Nukem Soundboard going to town on someone who sounded like she was from Brooklyn. WARNING: This is Duke Nukem we're talking about, and the "mother" curses more. NSFW.

Of course, this lit up loads of immitators. Here, we've got "Leather Belt" Spam...

OVER 9000!!!

Explosions galore. I love how he uses a girl sound clip as his calling card before laying down the ear pain.

And lastly, my personal fav, CAPTAIN PLANET!

If you're looking for more, grab 'em yourself. There's way too many for just one post.

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