Friday, February 13, 2009

Programs for $0.00: Rocketdock

If you've used a Mac in recent years, your probably familiar with the Dock. There sits a customizable program shortcut menu, widget holder, and system taskbar. Windows users didn't have the luxury of such a feature until programs such as the now-outdated Y'z Dock and the pay-for-premium ObjectDock were released. PunkLabs' Rocketdock is the freeware dock program I consider now to be the best of all docks, and for good reason.

Don't get me wrong, I've tried several dock programs before Rocketdock, and while they worked, typically they were unstable or CPU-intensive. There was also a bit of a "Dock War," where people created widgets for docks that only worked for that program, mainly because you had to program them a certain way for each dock. The same was true for the customizable skins for the docks.

Rocketdock doesn't have any active features that are different from other docks. Dock to any side of the screen, Change Icon interface, AutoHide, Running Tasks inside of the dock, Alpha-Blending, Minimize to Dock...When Rocketdock came about, though, it had the capabilities to use just about any skin for any kind of dock, along with their widgets. All the customization from the individual dock camps capable of being put into one was one of the best conveniences ever. It does what it needs to do and more, its quite stable, and it doesn't hog the CPUs. Plus, it's free. If you want a dock, and don't wanna pay a dime, grab Rocketdock and give it a try. Huh, maybe I should pitch that to them

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