Friday, February 20, 2009

POLL POSITION: What's the Best Cosplay Idea?

Excuse the delay. School, and what-not.

Ok, I may be a bit pre-mature with deciding on a Cosplay, but better to decide now than try to come up with one at the last minute (and most likely never finish). I have a couple of ideas that I could use, though if anyone else has an idea, please tell me. You can vote via the poll in the sidebar of the blog. Have at it!

Kevin (Seiken Densetsu 3)

This is my most ambitious idea, considering I have neither the build nor even close to the hair needed to pull it off accurately. I really got interested in the character while playing the game, obviously (he was choice one), and I really like his personallity. The clothing would be excruciating, though, and I'd have to find a wig to match. Also, maybe sock-shoes; I'm not walking around a con bare-foot, you're asking for it otherwise.

Barrett (Final Fantasy VII)

Probably the easiest cosplay I could pull off at this point. Build, hair, even the clothing is a close match to what I have. Thing feels a bit too easy, too generic. You always see Aeris or Cloud, and even other characters from VII, but I don't see Barrett very often. Then again, that may be another reason to go for it. The main thing would be the arm cannon, I think I'd have a bit of fun creating it.

Gannondorf (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)

While I have a friend who can pull this off flawlessly, he refuses to do so. Again, similar build (though I'm a bit short, obviously), but the clothing will be a challenge, and his skin complexion doesn't match mine (a bit darker). Also, I don't think I'm bad-ass enough to pull off the character. Get it right, though, and it'd be an ace cosplay for me, I believe.

Mr. Game and Watch (Smash Brothers)

Someone did him last year, pretty much focused around a 2D-like cardboard head. I may be a bit too bulky, but I think I'd enjoy mimicking his actions. Maybe even make props to use, like the hammer and the crab. In before "I pinch."

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