Saturday, February 07, 2009

An Otaku's Interests: Gurren Lagann

Not since Code Geass have I seen a show that made me flip a chair, screaming at something (DAMNWTFHAXPWNED/sad moments). Both had there specific moments of course but the physical RAPE I witnessed in this show is beyond what I was expecting...beyond the normal limits of reality. GAINAX...I Love You...soooooo much. Key words here...BUY IT/WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY. If the first episode doesn't do it for you just me...

However, after reviewing the English this in OG~Jap DUB eng as usual for any well meaning Otaku. And yes, there are Mechs...and yes they fuse like some other mecha we know.

Id say more but it would be really easy to spoil things, sorry.

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