Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Game To Buy: Fallout 3 (PS3)

Apparently, this First-Person RPG built on an improved Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion engine is getting DLC soon. Like I need an excuse to keep playing this game for weeks on end.

For those of you not in the know, Fallout 3 is based in a Post-Nuclear War Washington DC and surroundings. You've been in a vault closed off from the world, when "shit gets real," and you break out to the world. From there on, you're on your own, do what you want, get what you want...yeah, this thing is really open, just like Oblivion.

Graphics look excellent, especially in HD. This was actually the second game I played in HD ever (the first being COD4), and while it only goes up to's still freakin' 720p. I miss HD...but I ramble, moving on. The environment, while blown up and decayed, is unique just about everywhere you go. The vast view you can see looks so realistic...I really think this is what DC would look like if the world went Nuclear Winter. The enemies are pretty unique too, considering most of them are just mutated versions of their former selves. Those Deathclaws are nasty...

The people, however, need just a little bit of work. It's really just a part of the Oblivion engine though, but I swear the way they stare at me is just so creepy, and there's just not a lot of emotion in their faces. You can definetly tell that the outfits and actions of some of the NPCs are inspired by Mad Max...that's not a bad thing most of the time, but that should carry us over to gameplay pretty nicely.

If you've played any Wizards of the Coast RPG, an Elder Scrolls game, or an MMO, you know about Stat Distribution. There's also the whole Be Good or Evil thing, but it's really noticable here. You could be a White Knight who can take out hordes with a Missile Launcher, a Murderer capable of destroying cities, or a Jack-of-All-Trades just trying to get high. I think, to get the full experience, you have to play the game more than once, and I've easily clocked 70 hours on just one play-thru.

Actual conbat mixes it up a bit...quite a bit. You've got your live-action shooting, First-Person or Third-Person, with a large variety of weapons you pick up, purchase, or make. Pistols, Machine Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Lazers, Grenades, Mines, sledgehammers, knives, mini-nukes(!)...The list goes on. The real treat, however, is the V.A.T.S Targeting System, which allows you to select body parts to take out. Melee guy runs out at you? Shoot his legs to slow him down a bit. That Rifleman just a bit too accurate with that gun? Shoot his arm to lower his accuracy...or you could just shoot the weapon itself and disable it. Want to end it quick? You do more HP damage by hitting the head. The strategy is there, just waiting for you to exploit it.

I still haven't even beaten the story yet, and I actually don't want to yet. I'm addicted to this game like my character is addicted to Jet. Don't judge me. I'd give it 6 out of 5 if I could, but I know the pace of the game just isn't for everyone, and there are a couple of bugs and glitches in the game that sometimes stop the session for me. Also, when you beat the main story, the game is simply "done," and there's a level 20 cap. It's still worth it, though. 5 out of 5. Just don't step in the radiation.

Here's hoping if this game changes, it's by adding more to it. Hope you heard that, Bethesda. PS3 DLC DAMMIT.

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