Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still Frame: VGCats

Ok, who doesn't have this webcomic bookmarked? Go ahead, there's no shame in it...

Alright, those who said yes, SLAP YOURSELF. Then bookmark it.

Ok, generic summary: VGCats, created by Scott Ramsoomair, parodies videogames in many hilarious ways, more often than not staring two of his own characters, Aeris & Leo. There's almost never any plot inbetween comics, so just pick-up and read them. Of course, since they're based on videogames, sometimes you just may not get the whole joke the first time, but simply the way he sets them up is oftentimes funny in its own right.

While his updates aren't as fluent as before, his drawing style has improved vastly since his first 4-panel about Counter-Strike. Even as the style has updated, though, his characters have never really changed...and they never should. Ok, I may note that Leo is sometimes just too retarded in one or two of them, but we'll just call it inoperable, but non-lethal brain cancer and leave it at that.

His fan-base is quite large, and he's made friends with many artists in several communities, including other major and minor webcomic artists I'll be sure to go over soon. He also puts out 2 mini-series, Adventure Log (I think that may have ended), and Super Effective, both of which are featured on the main site and have the same puns and jokes we'd expect from this artist. Now if only we could magically get him to keep updating every Monday, life would be perfect...

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