Monday, December 29, 2008

An Otaku's Interests: Penguin Girl

This is one of those extremely random, makes-fun-of-itself-and-others anime that I am, for some reason, attracted to. This anime, based on a just-as-crazy manga, is almost ecchi, but in a very comedic way. Just bare with me for a minute, this won't hurt a bit.

The main character, nicknamed "Penguin" for several reasons, is insanily rich, ditzy, and a huge otaku. Her best friends are a teenage priest and, even more crazily, a karate tomboy who was literally raised as a boy until she got boobs. The episodes are short, and there isn't a long-running plot. It's often maybe a couple of episodes before cutting to a new storyline, and that was before the initial couple of episodes. The series literally started with a "work-in-progress" intro; the intro you see in the latest episodes first showed up during the first "chapter," a couple of episodes after the show had aired initially.

The animation style is pretty dynamic, but definetly not realistic. There's also plenty of gravity-defying feats and stuff that just plain can't happen in real life, but that's half the fun of the show.

It takes a certain kind of preference for this show, but the episodes are about 15 minutes each, so I'd say watch a couple before you say yae or nay on this one.

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