Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Game to Buy: Beats (PSP)

This music game is as unique as you are. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's London Studio, this rhythm-based music game actually uses songs you have saved on your memory card, along with a couple built into the game itself. There's honestly not much to this game: you pick a song, the game scans it, and creates the beats you need to follow using the 4 face buttons and the D-Pad.
For $5, this is quite the decent game. I just wish the scanning process was more accurate, though. I often see off-tempo beats on slower songs, or songs that aren't techno. It's not as difficult as DJ Max Portable, which is basically DDR for the PSP (difficulty and all), and there's no way to actually "fail" a song. Your high scores are saved, based on the number of notes you hit throughout the entire song and your combos you score as you hit notes without missing one. Great and all, but I haven't found a way to share those scores online in any way, which I feel was a missed opportunity, but I can understand due to the infinite songs and file names that can be played as well as the randomly generated song stages that are made by the game.
Despite the flaws, the game is definetly worth the price point. If you've beaten DJ Max and you're looking for some originality, give the game a shot. What's $5 to a guy, anyway?

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