Sunday, November 09, 2008

What I See: "LBP Levels Getting 'Moderated' Out of Existence"

Spotted at Kotaku.

Oh boy...This is not good at all.

There's a growing clamor on the LittleBigPlanet forums about level 'moderation' — if by 'moderation' one means 'summary deletion.' Without warning. It doesn't have to involve penis innuendo creations or anything blatantly offensive, either. Just create a level that references anyone else's IP, and you're at risk of losing all your work on the spot. Considering some people are spending standard workdays on these things, keep that in mind before you plunge into your Metal Gear Solid tribute.

If this is truly the case, some of my favorite levels, levels I've hearted instantly after playing, have been deleted. It's making me question actually keeping the game. I personally love the game, but if moderation like this is occurring, to the point where names of levels are getting them removed, I think I'd rather get a different game w/o such problems. I would hate for my level to be deleted, considering all the work I would have put into it, but by the time I finish a level, I think my return will be invalid.

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