Monday, November 10, 2008

New Tech: SMule - Ocarina for iPhone

Spotted at Kotaku.

HOLY HELL. Haven't talked about the iPhone yet, but I want an iPhone now, just so I can do this. Sure, I'd like a new phone period, but that's second-fiddle right now (no pun intended).

The Ocarina synthesizes sound in real-time, just like a regular instrument, based on actual gestures including wind input, tilt, and finger placement over the four holes overlaid on the multi-touch pad. Unlike other iPhone audio apps, the sound is not pre-compiled but is generated by the notes, gestures and nuance of the individual performer. As a result, it allows an iPhone user to explore and master the musical sounds of an entirely iPhone-native version of an ancient flute-like instrument.

I wonder if the company will create other wind-instrument apps for the iPhone? Imagine a mini-orchestra of iPhones randomly walking by you on the street.

Brings to mind the question...Could the DS pull this off? I mean, there's Wii Music coming out, and the DS microphone can detect when air is being blown into it. Now that I think about it, is the DS touchscreen multi-touch?

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