Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still Frame: YTMND

"You're the Man Now, Dog!"

While you won't see too many still images here anymore, YTMND was a internet phenomenon in its glory days, and still is a comical goldmine today. The basic premise is this: you find or make an image that's funny, you combine it with funny audio, you post it. If it's good, you may get some good comments and views. That's basically it.

The site started with the very words stated at the top of the post. The line was from Sean Connery in the movie Finding Forester. The original website, before the community came to be, was just a picture of the actor and a sound clip featuring the line, repeated over and over again until you closed out the page. People found the page and suddenly wanted to do something similar, and we start finding classic pages such as the Jean Luc Picard remix start popping up. Max, the creator of what would become YTMND, decided to link these kind of sites together (they were seperate domains of basically one webpage only), and YTMND evolved from there.

Enough of the history lesson, though. To get YTMND, you have to look at the good sites. The classics, of course, but there's real gold on there. Often, the pages work off of media already created, and parodies it from there, so some things you may not get if you don't actually get the refference. That's one of the few problems with the site, but there are so many pages that you're bound to find something that you know about and find hilarious. There's definitely NSFW content there, but let's post some examples of the clean stuff, shall we? Oh, I should mention this though: the site's friendly with IE, but if you're using Firefox, you'll need to have the Quicktime plugin installed...or something similar, there may be an alternate I know. Max is planning to fix this with a new all-flash plan he's working on right now.
Check out the site for more. Just be careful you don't lose your entire day browsing the funny.


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