Thursday, August 21, 2008

Still Frame - The FAIL Blog

I'm sure everyone knows about ICANHASCHEEZBURGER, but since their LOLCat invasion began, they've sprouted off a couple of cousin sites. One I'm particulary fond of is The FAIL Blog, an archive of epic failures, pwnage, and even the occasional win. Like ICHC (thank God for abbreviation), the site runs off of pictures and the occasional video emailed by the viewers to the site, with captions created on the picture via the user themeselves or with a little help from the lol builder, used by ICHC and its cousins to make adding hilarious and related comments to the already hilarious photo.

That's almost it in a nutshell. The site has an RSS feed, of course, and they've even started up a Youtube channel to post FAIL videos, but there's not much else to note on besides the content. What is selected to post is definetly postable, as there have been few pics or videos from the site I have not laughed at. The other aspect of the site, however, is the comment area, which has been getting quite a bit of attention on the blog itself. You have your common "FIRST" posters who are immediatly flamed upon by others, the trolls trying to start trouble, the Pun and Meme crowd, and posters that actually make sense. There is such a variety of people posting their own comments, and in so many fashions, it has become a segment of the site itself, dubbed "The Burn of the Week". Here's the most recent one, and what I thought was hilarious.
In response to Entrance Fail. Nominated by Simon.
Word of warning, though. I've seen several posts that would be considered NSFW, and the comments aren't exactly PG-13 all the time. Just giving a bit of a head's up, I'd hate for someone to click on this link to go there and *gasp* be offended.

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