Friday, August 01, 2008

Game to Buy: Warhawk


If you own a PS3, and you do not own this game, you have 30 seconds to fix that. Seriously, you can buy the game on the PSN if you wanted to. Sure, the PS3 has several shooters on the market at this point, but there is no game that comprises the epicness that Warhawk somehow brings to the table as far as multiplayer is concerned. Don't get me wrong, Resistance: Fall of Man, which came out before Warhawk, has pretty good multiplayer too, but Warhawk has greater variety and speed that I belive makes the difference. Multi-passenger vehicles, torrents, Anti-Air and Missile silos, and of course the Warhawks themselves. I actually feel competant flying a Warhawk and dropping 9 varieties of pain onto my enemies...when I'm not getting shot out of the sky, that is. Flying the plane takes time, but you can figure it out, and it does get pretty fun doing loops and barrel rolls to dodge missiles.

The ground work is great, too. More than 10 different weapons (thanks to the 1.3 update), a smart auto-lock for the guns that actually need them, and stealthy too. Unless I've fired a shot, you're not seeing me on radar when I'm on foot. The balance between the Warhawks, the ground vehicles, and foot troops is actually very well done. You're not God in the tank, unlike many other games, and that's crucial.

There are several modes of play, from the default Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, to the new Hero and Collection modes introduced in the recent 1.4 update. Hero is basically described as one guy randomly picked on both teams shouting "I L33T, I KILL PUNY MEN!" as they glow like someone from Dragon Ball Z. Only their kills count, but if they die then the other team gets a point, and a new Hero is picked. Rinse and repeat until a team wins. Collection is like Capture the Flag, except with multiple flags at one time. I've tried neither mode yet, but they sound awesome to play.

The network infastructure has clans and ranks set up, the game selection has great filters to help you pick the good rooms, and you can see any friends you have playing the game online, and immediatly join them if they're in the middle of a game. Voice chat is set up and crucial to the team-based games. The game even has split-screen multiplayer that can be played online, so your party of four can take on the Warhawk ranks online from your couch. As if all of the above isn't enough to get you to buy the game, it's now a Greatest Hits title for the PS3, and is only $30 both offline and on the PSN. There are expansion packs you can purchase as well, and I'm hoping to get those very soon, but you don't need them to enjoy the awesomeness that's already there.
This is the PS3's answer to Halo right now, except without the single-player. When I say this is a *Game to Buy*, I mean it. Warhawk gets a 5 out of 5, hands down. Cue the patriotic music.

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