Monday, August 25, 2008

College Life is Insane.

Oh man. It took 13 hours to get down to campus from my dad's house and unpack everything. Insanity, let me tell ya. Then all the book buying, supply shopping, class checking, and the many events I've had to (and wanted to) attend. Sorry for missing out on the Video of the Week, had no internet access until about a couple of hours ago. I'm now on my new Tablet PC, and I'm loving having a laptop, but I haven't gotten down the whole Tablet bit just yet. Eventually, I gotta get used to it. My first class is tomorrow, but luckily it's in the afternoon, so I can still get some sleep.

Virginia Tech is BIIIIG.

May not be able to, technically, on the "Programs for $0" segment. I'll try, though. I've really got to start making a bigger buffer for posts.

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