Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video of the Week - IT'S MvC 3 BAYBEE

Spotted at Destructoid.

Kevin Feige, President of Production at Marvel Studios, has reopened the doors to the possibility of a new Marvel vs. Capcom game. When asked if a new Marvel vs. Capcom game would ever be made during Comic-Con 08, Kevin responded by saying, “Yes. And maybe sooner than you think.”

YES. I still own the PS2 version of Marvel vs Capcom 2. The rare one that still costs $80 at Gamestop (you can't even find the Dreamcast version unless you hit Ebay). I don't know how they're getting the licensing permission to make MvC 3, but I'm not complaining. If this is true, I'm pre-ordering it 5 days ago. In honor of this announcement, the Video of the Week. OH!

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