Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Frame - Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

I've read this comic for years. I've seen the creator at Otakon's Artist Alley. I still have his poster hanging on my wall. This comic introduced me to webcomics as a whole. Oh, and it's also very good.

This fantasy comic is based in a world completely constructed by its creator, Micheal Terracciano. Sure it has the fantasy staples of magic, dragons, druids, etc., but the way "Mookie" designs and plans it makes the world work, and in a very unique way. Politics, military, economics, it all exists within the 1000+ comics he's drawn out since its inception way back in May 2002. The main character, Dominic Deegan, is a user of Second Sight, the ability to look into the future. You see this very often, and in many different ways, with ever-changing plot into it's 23 chapter.

The best thing about the comic, though, has to be the constant comedy Mookie puts in at every turn. You won't make it through 2 strips without a bad pun, word play, or physical humor staring at you in the face. Even the forums get into the action every now and then. By the way, the forums are a blast; the "strip slayers" love to make Mookie's comics even more hilarious (but way out of context, of course). The comic updates daily, so check out a couple of strips. Be careful of starting from strip 1 though: it takes a long time to get through to the current comic, but it's just as easy to read each strip one after another until you do.

PS: Those of you who know me personally, knows he has the same nickname as me. Just thought I'd throw that in. And apologies for such a late post.

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