Monday, July 28, 2008

Programs for $0.00 - Launchy

Launchy is a program launcher that does more than launch programs - it does it right.


When it launches (autostart on boot-up is an option), just put in a specified shortcut and it immediatly pops up to the foreground. It's designed to pick up whatever is in your Start menu shortcuts folder, and it reads what you type in based on the program's name and usage beforehand. For example, you want Photoshop, but you also have Paint.NET installed; first use, type in "P" and you may get Paint.NET, but "Ph" will pull up Photoshop. Press Enter and the program instantly loads up, and the next time you type in "P" in Launchy, you'll get Photoshop first instead.

The program also supports skins and plugins that connect to services both online and off. Do a Google Search, find out what 2+2 equals, look through Firefox Bookmarks, etc. You can even search through your files via the programs "Explory" plugin. All of this, and it's open source. Quick, and efficient. and also $0.

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