Monday, July 14, 2008

Programs for $0.00 - Firefox 3

Mozilla Firefox horizontal jpeg - small (300x118)Famous for its recent Guinness World Record setting 8+ Million downloads in 1 day, Firefox 3 is the continuation of Mozilla's traditional foray in the web browsing department. Sporting much more compatibility with sites and greater customization than its opponents, Firefox has become a standard.

Considering how flexible the browser has become, there's no reason why websites wouldn't proudly state that they support the browser. The program has long since supported Windows, Macs, and Linux operating systems, and this latest version has streamlined the RAM usage and page-loading speed. I've never web-searched this fast in my life. Security is top of the line as well; I've used Firefox since 1.0, and I haven't seen a Trojan or virus on my computer since. Can't say the same for Internet Explorer. Site ID info also works wonders, letting me know what sites I can use safely or not.

The one problem I've had with Firefox 3 is the occasional program crash. I am using Windows, however, so a program crash is nothing in my book. Not to mention the actual decreases in crashing since going into Firefox 3, and the quick Session Restore feature that gets me back to what I was doing in seconds. Customization, however, is what I truly love about Firefox, period. I've had about 20 add-ons set into Firefox since its inception, and version 3 hasn't slowed me down at all. The add-on library has expanded even further than before, and searching for add-ons is embedded in the program itself. Glorious.

I've lived by this program. I use it every time I boot up my PC. I've gotten my entire family to use it. I got my old high school to use it. Websites I create will forever support it. If you're not reading this post with Firefox 3, what the hell is wrong with you!? Get to it!

Download Firefox 3 now. It's only $0.00, so why not?

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